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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Unlocked)Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Unlocked)
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $439.00 Regular price$629.00
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Galaxy S21 Plus 5G (Unlocked)Galaxy S21 Plus 5G (Unlocked)
Galaxy S21 Plus 5G (Unlocked)
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Galaxy S21 FE (Unlocked)Galaxy S21 FE (Unlocked)
Galaxy S21 FE (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $339.00 Regular price$409.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max (Unlocked)iPhone 12 Pro Max (Unlocked)
iPhone 12 Pro Max (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $679.00
iPhone 12 (Unlocked)iPhone 12 (Unlocked)
iPhone 12 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $429.00
iPhone SE 2022 (Unlocked)iPhone SE 2022 (Unlocked)
iPhone SE 2022 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $379.00
iPhone 11 (Unlocked)iPhone 11 (Unlocked)
iPhone 11 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $359.00
iPhone 13 Mini (Unlocked)iPhone 13 Mini (Unlocked)
iPhone 13 Mini (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $559.00
Galaxy S22 (Unlocked)Galaxy S22 (Unlocked)
Galaxy S22 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $529.00
Galaxy S23 (Unlocked)Galaxy S23 (Unlocked)
Galaxy S23 (Unlocked)
Sale priceFrom $749.00

Why Buy Certified Pre-Owned

The practice of frequently upgrading our electronic devices when new versions are released creates an enormous amount of physical e-waste.

The bulk of smartphone emissions come from new devices, with 1.4 billion phones expected to be manufactured and shipped in 2022. The key to reducing emissions will be to extend the lifetime of individual phones, tablets, and computers.