Price: With a slightly used or refurbished device, you are getting the best bang for your buck!  From our Excellent to Fair condition, all of our devices are fully functional and look incredible.  The only difference between them and a phone from Apple is the price! 

EcoFriendly: Every time someone purchases a refurbished device they are doing their part in the fight to reduce electronic waste around the world.  E-Waste is a major problem in landfills and causes massive pollution in rural areas.  We are doing our part in finding slightly used devices new homes, and restoring otherwise wasted products. When you purchase from us, you are contributing to the betterment of the society and our planet.

Support: Not only are you purchasing an affordable eco-friendly device, but you are also receiving first-class support. Our team will be here to help you with anything you need! 

Fully Tested: Every device goes through a 22 point functionality test.  The microphone, speaker, screen, power button, etc. are tested to ensure it works like new. 

12 Month Warranty: If anything is wrong with your device, our team will provide you with a return label to ship it back free of charge.  Our techs will repair the device or send you a replacement to make things right. 

Processing: during this phase we perform functionality tests on every device and if they do not pass the functionality test, they will not make it to market.

We set a high bar at Gophermods when it comes to supplying certified pre-owned devices, so we do not send out anything that does not meet our grading criteria or functionality testing 100%.

If the device requires repair, we will conduct the necessary repairs to return it to full functionality. With your purchase you will receive a slip that displays all pertinent details to the device and whether it has been repaired.

Each device purchase includes a 30 money back guarantee, and a standard 1 year warranty.

Accessories have a 7 day return period.

All of Gophermods phone, tablet, and computer certified pre-owned devices receive a standard one-year warranty. Exclusions include any devices that are physical or liquid damaged.

Warranty Coverage: The one year warranty covers any defects with the device. This warranty is exclusive to only the parts serviced and replaced. In the event your device is damaged , the standard one year warranty coverage is void.

Physical Damages: Incidental damages are not covered under our warranty policy. In the event your device is broken again, the standard one-year warranty coverage is void.
Liquid Damages: We do not warranty any type of liquid damage on the device. Any liquid damage found will void the warranty completly.

Certified pre-owned phones are lightly used, thoroughly inspected by a professional team (and repaired if necessary), and then you're covered by our free 1 year warranty as well.

New devices also come with a one-year warranty direct from the manufacturer but you often pay a premium on that (up to 50%!)

Buying certified pre-owned devices helps maintain their full lifespan, keeps devices out of the landfill, and supports small business.

Currently, all of our devices are Factory Unlocked and will work on a majority of carriers.

Yes, an unlocked phone will work on a majority of carriers, inside or outside the USA.

Excellent: Minimal scratches and blemishes. Near perfect screen with a few very light/short marks at most. Can have just a few very small light use/scuff marks on back case or frame edges, or near charge port (no more than 3 areas). No dents, deep scratches, chips, or dings.

Good: Does not contain deep (fingernail/tool catching) scratches. Multiple light scratches varying in length. Signs of normal everyday use. Can have many scratches on the screen including some medium and/or deep scratches. Housing can have scuffs and a few dents on back and edges.

Fair: Deep (fingernail/tool catching) scratches present on screen or back housing/glassUsed with many scratches on screen, sides, and housing. Can have deep, long, scratches. Also may have dents, knicks, and scuffs on housing/edges.

One of the first things we test for in each device is battery life. We guarantee each device has at least 85% or more battery health, regardless of the condition.


It is important to note that the new OS takes up more memory on devices and requires more battery power to run. Because of this, the battery life on older devices will drain faster throughout the day. So if you’re running multiple apps at once like IG, YouTube, Netflix, etc. the battery will drain quicker.

We always aim for make sure our customers love our products, but if you do need to return an order, we’re happy to help. We offer a hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee that applies to all devices and accessories.


We welcome bulk sales and we can make it easy for business & organizations looking to sell over 20 devices. We can arrange free collection, certified data destruction and of course we guarantee to get you the best price for your old business devices.

Just contact us and we can arrange it for you hassle free and without the worry!

You can go to our website here: Gophermods Buyback

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Steps for buying a refurbished / pre-owned cell phone from Gophermods are as follows:

Go to our home page and select what category of device you would like to purchase.

Find the device that works best for you. Feel free to browse around or ask us questions.

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Find some accessories to make sure your device is protected and ready to use out of the box.

Gophermods has partnered with Affirm to offer financing on most purchases of at least $99. Information regarding Affirm, including how to apply for financing, is available at checkout and product pages. If you have any questions regarding Affirm, please contact them directly by clicking here.

You will receive an invoice via email after your order is placed. The order confirmation email will also contain an order # for your transaction.

No, we do not price match. The quality of product, service, physical locations, and free 30 day warranty force us to reject any price matching.


We currently operate two retail locations out of Minnesota. Learn more here: Gophermods Locations